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Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Much to learn...


My name is Matt.

The Newbie Deshi blog will chronicle my thoughts and experiences as a beginner in the martial arts.

For some background on the subject matter of this blog, I have been training in the martial arts for a year now. I have been learning aikido at a non-profit aikido club in Milwaukee, and (to a lesser degree) taekwondo at work.

"Work", for me, is a Milwaukee charter school where taekwondo is taught in place of traditional physical education. This has offered me the opportunity to train with students and coworkers free of charge, though not as often or as consistently as I would like.

 My hope for the Newbie Deshi blog is that I will be better able to learn from the lessons and experiences of martial arts training by putting them into writing and rereading and reexamining them.

Oh, and one extra note:
The image at the top of the blog is taken from the book Aikido and the Dynamic Sphere, a veritable classic of the martial arts world by Adele Westbrook and Oscar Ratti. I cannot claim credit for these iconic illustrations.

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